We have a fleet of 40 vehicles and 75 (semi-) trailers, all our vehicles are equipped with telephones and can be tracked 24 hours a day by means of satellite communication. Besides, all of our vehicles have a CMR-liability insurance and a ECMT license. This allows us to transport to all countries in Europe and Asian without problems.

Beside transport, our warehouses of 50.000 (NL) and 10.000 (TR) square meters allow us to offer groupage services, where little shipments are combined and transported together to destination. Reparations and MOT services (periodic control) take place in our garage by own personnel.

With our fleet we offer services to several sectors:

      Frigo trailers, with which we mainly transport cold / refrigerated products. The dimensions (13,50x2,50x2,60m) of the frigo trailers are also ultimately suited for the transportation of plants.

      Hanging garment trailers (13,55x2,48x2,80m), specially organized for (safe) transportation of hanging garments;

- bars of a light weight (only 4,5 kg)
- an isolated upper-site in order to prevent dampness
caused by temperature changes
- protection against damp and dust
- talfix walls for hanging up garments flexibly

       Tilt trailers carry all kinds of products packed in boxes/on pallets.

      Volume trucks with which we transport hanging garments and all kinds of products in boxes/on pallets.