We are specialized in transports from (- to) Turkey and other West European countries. Besides, we also transport to Russia, the GOS-countries and the Middle East.

The transit time from (-to) Turkey is 4-5 days, though when requested it is also possible to deliver in 3 days by means of two drivers. Over 40 Turkey-specialist drivers work together with us in order to provide our clients a perfect service. According to our clients we have achieved to offer the same service quality and speed as by air transport.

We have been serving our latest customers since 5 years. With the increasing amount of trucks and our ability to reorganize in a short notice, we are able to offer the same size of service quality at new customers at any time. We guarantee the best service by giving special attention to all of our orders, which leads to 100% customer satisfaction. Since 22 years, our organization has been promoted by our customers, which we are very proud of.